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Why Won't Japanese Gamers Buy The Xbox 360?
Comment by: 2c-b
Nominated by: TrjnRabbit

Americans supporting an American product? Patriotism.

Japanese supporting a Japanese product? Xenophobia.

BioWare Lifts Filter On Gay, Lesbian Star Wars Discussion, Issues Apology
Comment by: Falsoman
Nominated by: kidko


When people stop talking about booth babes, secret shiva outfit on RE5, touch witches games, how hot heavenly sword, tomb rider and the like heroins are, having a girlfriend/wife/children/mother in laws, wii fit girl, how girly final fantasy character look, cringes about everything Tingle, mass effect, harvest moon, fable, the sims, any MMO, etc... then we can say that sexual preference has no place in gaming forums.

In Poland, Pismo Swiete = Holy Bible
Comment by: exion
Nominated by: ryangreen02

Then Burguois, Teabagger of Olde was led by the spirit into the desert to be tempted by the PS3. After trolling for forty days and forty nights, he was bored. The tempter came to him and said, "if you are the teabagger of old, turn this money into microsoft points!".
Burguois, Teabagger of Olde answered, "it is written: "man does not live on gamerpoints alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of major nelson.'"

- Mathew 4

Konami Pulls Controversial Iraqi War Game
Comment by: El-Suave
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So much for the hopes of gaming ever growing up to be a serious art form. I had my doubts that Konami or any Japanese publishers would be the first to do it, but it's a shame that everybody is shying away from controversy.

If all the controversy this industry can handle is about the graphics style of a game or which platform it's coming out for, then that's a really bleak prospect for them and for us.


Director: "Microsoft/Xbox is the Most Dreadful, Non-Talent Friendly Company"
Comment by: okenny :) ...building bridges...
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I had a similar conversation with another poster about Microsoft's role in game development and their choice to rely on second and third parties this generation. It was in regards to this sense of "respect" the poster felt for Sony and not for MS since Sony had "internal" (first and second) game studios. Let me define some stuff really quick:

- First-party: owned and staffed by console-owner to develop console-owner's IPs

- Second-party: privately owned and staffed to develop console-owner's (for the most part) IPs

- Third Party: privately owned (usually by another publisher) that develops IPs without any obligations to the console-owner.

My stance on the whole issue is whoever can get me the games I enjoy on the consoles I own get my gratitude when I fork-over the cash and it ends there. These companies behave as venture capitalists for the most part. MS is probably making a strategically better move from a business stand-point by building strong relationships with companies while Sony seems to be have a culture that's more indicative with the conditions that were present when they literally had to drive the entire games industry themselves.

MS probably feels they stay more fluid by not taking on ownership directly but instead making partners form a dependency around them. Sony probably feels that they can only maintain the uniqueness of their consoles from exclusives that can't be gained on any other consoles.

Getting back to this story though, the idea is simple. If you are going to derive the amount of "heart" a corporation has (oxymoron) from the games then you should do it by the amount of games you enjoy on that console and not by the games you think their executives sat down in front of a computer and made themselves; that second point IS in fact a fallacy.


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