Harmonix Announces LEGO Rock Band
Comment by: Curse_Lily

I guess this is The Final Countdown to Harmonix ideas.

Sony: Wii Own The Closet
Comment by: Toasticus
Nominated by: SiDCrAzY

If the Wii owns the closet, the PS3 owns the store shelf.

Nintenducation – A New Take On Edutainment
Comment by: bluetom00
Nominated by: doubtful


I'm coming at this from the perspective of a college professor who thinks games are as meaningful a medium of expression as movies, film, and writing, and I have to say, I think this is a terrible idea.

Ferguson's right in that we don't need anymore barriers between teachers and students. Today's unfortunate reality is that most students arrive at college with a majority of their communicative experiences occurring through artificial media, i.e., through the Internet and cell phones. Unlike students just 20 years ago, they're more accustomed to that wall between themselves and whomever they're communicating with. When they get into a (liberal arts) classroom at the college level, instructors expect them to be able to interact with the other human beings in that room. It seems that with each new freshmen class, students are increasingly unable to do that. They can't articulate themselves in person nearly as well as they can through an electronic medium. My assumption, based entirely on anecdotal evidence, is that this is the result of today's college freshmen having no experience of a society in which cell phones and Internet access were not central to social experiences.

I have students who are more comfortable talking to me on facebook than they are saying anything in a "live" classroom full of their peers. There are undoubtedly complex reasons for why this is the case, but I think at the heart of it is this push toward increasingly mediated communication in every aspect of their lives. That creates isolated, alienated individuals (in a very real and a metaphorical sense), and something like this, I fear, would only exacerbate the situation.


Sony: PSP Piracy Levels Are "Sickening"
Comment by: SmilingPolitely
Nominated by: -MasterDex-

Intellectual property in the digital age is something that we (and I mean all of us) still need to work through. I think that MP3 comment applies to the vast majority of... well... everybody, right? Same shit as games.

For better or worse, the rules will change because the current rules are inadequate for dealing with what we have today.


Dead Rising 2's Main Character Is Named "Chuck"
Comment by: Vextoz

Needs more Jet Brody

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