NSFW: The Joydick Lets Players Play With Themselves To Play
Comment by: ShaggE
Nominated by: MrBionic

We would like to wank you for purchasing the Joydick. We don't mean to cum off as cocky, but we guarantee this product will rub you the right way. If it doesn't, well, different strokes for different folks. You just can't beat the Joydick.



Dante's Inferno: Like God of War, But Marginally Different
Comment by: TexanBoy
Nominated by: Sensai


Abandon All Hope Ye Who Insert Disc...

Midway Files for Bankruptcy
Comment by: gunluva

Ooh. Fatality?

Killzone 2 Review Party Crashed By Edge Bullies
Comment by: BioniSam
Nominated by: Generic Pretentious Interent User


I wish all reviewers gave totally arbitrary "scores", like "5 puppies out of a cupcake", or some such thing :P Then everyone would have to read reviews to see what the reviewers thought of the game, and then there'd be none of these "news" items.

Knocked Up: A Look At Pregnancy In Video Games
Comment by: OW-Holmes
Nominated by: geekgrrl

Agreed. Kids should learn that stuff the old fashioned way: movies. I dont know about you but I learned the Birds and the Bees from a mixture of Alien and Junior.


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