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Details on Electronic Arts' video game interpretation of Dante's Inferno, announced last October, have been hard to come by, but UK's PSM3 has first details. What is it? God of War in Hell, apparently.


So much for originality, it seems. PSM3's own cover description boils down Dante's Inferno's mechanics to essentially "Dead Space meets God of War in Hell," a blend of genres and well-worn gameplay that's either got you super duper excited or bored to tears.


How much is it like God of War? "Button-for-button the controls are identical to GOW's" writes PSM3, which notes the game is loaded with reflex button pressing "quick time events" and enemies that "leave behind health and magic orbs, which can also be found in chests, opened by holding Circle."

Groan if you want, but "original" intellectual property has to make some gameplay concessions, right? And there's something about flattery and imitation that should be mentioned.

The good news is that Dante's Inferno also looks to borrow from Capcom's Devil May Cry, as it's rife with air launching combo fun, something that's sure to add plenty of fresh gameplay.

The UK mag does point out what makes EA's hellish action adventure stand apart from its PlayStation muse. It's set in Hell. And that's different from Hades, right?


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