Square Enix Takes "No" For An Answer, Withdraws Takeover Offer Comment by: Xagest

Come on guys, this is a take over, not a merger. SquareEnix would stay SquareEnix, and TECMO would become BITCH.


Grand Theft Auto For Wii? Take-Two Says... Comment by: TheHeartless

GTA Wii Edition A remake of the classic PSone hit! Complete with the following features: -No improved graphics! -Waggle hookers to death! -Smack the Nintendo Wii Remote and Nunchuk together to hotwire cars faster! -Multiplayer! Play up to 40 minigames featuring popular Nintendo characters in the bar, including darts, pool, and all the other "sports" that have worked with wild success in the past on with the Wii's innovative technology! -Blood has been replaced, with the help of Stephen Spielberg and the Boom Blox team, by confetti! We hope to score an ESRB E10+ rating to expand this game to a "wider audience." Coming Holiday, 2010 along with other Christmas hits like The Legend of Zelda: Save the Forest Again, and Mario Nebula!


Tecmo Rejects Square Enix's Takeover Offer Comment by: KeroseneClimax

Yeah, I had a feeling this wouldn't happen. Despite a number of factual and rumored internal problems within Tecmo, I just don't see a plausible reason why they would consider Square-Enix's offer when it isn't really a necessity for them at this point. As long a they can stay afloat with their best selling titles (and hopefully taking the opportunity to create some new titles or/while improving old ones) they should be alright without any outside assistance...for the time being. Well, there goes the disturbing mental image of Ryu Hayabusa riding a Black Chocobo being burned to ashes.

Capcom Confirms Resident Evil 5 Controls Change Comment by: Sensai

I feel in the minority by saying this, but I really like (yes, as in presently) the controls for RE4. They just seemed to fit perfectly and be the perfect balance between the earlier RE games (shit, I can't see what I'm shooting at) and more modern shoot-em-ups, a la Gears. Half of being scared in the original RE games was not knowing what was around the corner or knowing EXACTLY what was around the corner simply because of a mirror. Making Resident Evil into a run-and-gun is not doing it any service, it's killing the last thing that made it a scary game.


Why 7-Eleven Suddenly Loves Gamers Comment by: Sekai

Japanese convenience stores have sold video games, dvds, music and concert/amusement park tickets for 10 years or more now. The main thing holding back such glorious implementation in American stores is likely the security factor, what with our crime rate being an order of magnitude worse. Maybe this will take off and midnight release parties will become much much easier to get to. Or maybe a 7-11 clerk will get murdered and his shipment of Madden 2010 will get stolen and the practice will stop. Time will tell.


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