With Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars coming to the Nintendo DS exclusively, does that pave the way for a Wii release? After all, the Wii is the best selling console in North America right now and Take-Two and Rockstar Games don't shy away from bringing mature content โ€” Manhunt 2 and Bully, for example โ€” to the little white wonder. And Grand Theft Auto IV is making Take-Two big bucks. Sounds like a profitable relationship on par with the perfection of chocolate and peanut butter. Take-Two CEO Ben Feder was asked that very question during today's quarterly earnings conference call to which he responded that Chinatown Wars was an important step in its relationship with Nintendo."Without commenting specifically on whether GTA is coming to the Wii or not, I will say that Nintendo and Take-Two work very very well together," Feder explained. "Rockstar and Nintendo work very well together. We intend to continue to grow that relationship." Feder also noted that the company has invested "an enormous amount of time and effort working with Nintendo" and while he fell short of announcing a major product during an investor call, it certainly sounds like the door is open. With over two million Carnival Games shipped on Nintendo platforms, it just makes sense. While Rockstar has traditionally stuck with PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms, it has brought Smugglers Run to the Gamecube and Grand Theft Auto to the Game Boy Advance. We'd say think that, given the hooker beating simulating properties of the Wii nunchuk, it's a no-brainer.