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Dante's Inferno Dev Diary Makes My Head Hurt
Comment by: Antiterra
Nominated by: Hiroken

I'm not only Italian, but Tuscan. Most of my family still lives in Tuscany (in Piero Della Francesca's hometown), a short drive from Florence, where Dante was born. It's probably hard to imagine just how proud of their culture Tuscans can be.

You have to bear in mind that Italians see Dante as their greatest poet, as an embodiment of a glorious past and of the absolute best that our country is capable of. It's hard to convey just how near-mythical he is. The first words in that video, "Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita", is the one verse that every Italian child (and, by extension, adult) knows by heart.
To me, trying not to associate the game with the literay work is simply impossible. The fact that my grandfather was named after Alighieri adds a personal emotional connection that makes it all the harder to accept Dante as a scythe-wielding badass.
If that means I'll miss out on a great game, so be it. But it's like something in my DNA will prevent me from enjoying the game. Some things are just so deep-rooted into your personality, your culture, and the very fabric of who you are, that you can't switch them off, even temporarily.
I know this may sound absurd to a lot of people, and I'm absolutely not blaming EA - videogames take great liberties with history and literature all the time. I don't mind that EA took that (commercially safer) road, I just won't be joining them on it. To me, it's like someone tried to turn One Hundred Years Of Solitude into a Sims expansion pack with the Buendia family livin' the life in the new and exciting Macondo neighbourhood.


What Does Autographing 500 Dead Rising Coffee Mugs Look Like?
Comment by: Paradox me
Nominated by: Jolan- needs something witty to...

What Does Autographing 5 Dead Rising Coffee Mugs Look Like?"

Inevitable Wii port. :(

Red Faction Guerrilla's Smashing London Promotion
Comment by: Scorpi
Nominated by: Sutekh_Slain

No such luck, I'm afraid - I left a copy of Haze on the passenger side and came back an hour later to find the window smashed in and, to my horror, two copies of Haze now on the seat.

Crackdown 2 To Feature 4-Player Co-Op
Comment by: Paladin58
Nominated by: Thomas

"And it had decided that, in a blaze of red-shifted glory, it would do away with its mortal trappings, in order to to provide the User with a more righteous Motherboard, untainted by the evils of the Overheat." -Book of RRoD, 3:60


11-Year-Old Genius Says Video Games A Waste Of Time
Comment by: lolgreg
Nominated by: MurlocCake

But when he reaches the age of 30, he'll be able to sit back and look at all the good he's done...

...then resume masturbating.

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That haze one is hilarious. I cracked up when I first saw it.