A Draugr Awakens | Surely we weren't the only ones to notice a resemblance between Madonna's Super Bowl halftime getup and the armor worn by Skyrim's undead Nords. (Image via Reddit)

Putting the Razer Blade Through Its Gaming Paces

Razer's sleek and stylish Blade gaming laptop is slowly making its way into the hands of customers ballsy enough to drop $2,800 on an untested product from a company that's never made a gaming laptop before. More »


You May Punch Heavily-Armed Buddhas and Giant Elephants in Asura's Wrath, And You Might Like It

How appropriate that a game as bonkers as Asura's Wrath was mailed to me on a disc that only contained some chapters from its middle. Who cares how this game begins? More »


On Anti-Socially Loving Social Games

I think I am a social game developer's worst nightmare.
It's not that I don't enjoy social platform games - rather, I do. I enjoy the hell out of them. More »


How to Gut People: A Hands-on Preview of Ninja Gaiden 3

I sat down with my katana and PS3 controller recently to play Ninja Gaiden 3. In addition to pausing the game every so often to act out my favorite moves, I put together this video showcasing what Ninja Gaiden 3 has to offer. More »


A Bookseller's Video Game Lament

I play Skyrim obsessively, like lots of people. I'm also a full-time antiquarian book dealer and during my glorious attempts to become a leather-clad death machine in The Elder Scrolls V, I'm always tempted to make some in-game coin on the side collecting and selling the hundreds of available... More »


Gorgeous Mech Shooter Hawken Arrives Free-to-Play in December

With each new clip and screenshot of its indie shooter capturing the hearts and minds of mech lovers around the globe, Adhesive Games further ingratiates its growing fan base with the news that Hawken is coming in December, and it will be free-to-play. More »


One of 2012's Best Sports Games Might be This Cute Football Sim

In late 2010, developer Kairosoft released one of its older mobile management games, long out in Japan on standard phones, in the West. That game was Game Dev Story. More »


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