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How to Gut People: A Hands-on Preview of Ninja Gaiden 3

I sat down with my katana and PS3 controller recently to play Ninja Gaiden 3. In addition to pausing the game every so often to act out my favorite moves, I put together this video showcasing what Ninja Gaiden 3 has to offer. You'll see blood being flung off of a sword, an unsettling cutscene, and evidence of Ryu Hayabusa's love for birds of prey.


It's quite an emotional roller coaster.

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Wait, wait wait wait wait...

Falcons HEAL YOU and let you SAVE YOUR GAME?!?!?!


Last time I saw Falcons in a Ninja Gaiden game, those bastards were flocking around me like flies to a steaming pile of crap; trying to knock me off into bottomless pits!!! If Ninja Gaiden I, II, and III for the current gen systems have been prequels to the NES games, then just what the HELL did Ryu do to piss the birds off THAT MUCH?! They went from being invaluable and helpful allies to furious feathery demons that won't hesitate to peck your eyes out!!

Just what did Ryu do?!!? Steal their eggs and then hide behind large constructs of glass, wood, and stone? WHAT THE HELL?!