A Titanic Waive Crashes Into Tennessee

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A day after Minnesota bailed on a four-game experiment with Randy Moss, Tennessee claimed the talented headcase from the waiver wire. The Titans have a bye, but Moss will suit up in Madden NFL 11 when the roster update hits Friday.


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/second rant

10 BLEEPING Field Goals in 2 games. 10!!!!!!!!!! Who the BLEEP scores 10 field goals in 2 games? The Dolphins that's who. Jesus Christ! Moss has a house down here, Chad Pennington was his QB in College and he's our back-up QB, how the hell did the Fins cock this up. 2 times the Steelers handed us the ball in the Red Zone and we settled for field goals, and then lost the game by a BLEEPING point. I defy you to find a team more coma inducing than the Dolphins. Brian Hartline!!! Brian BLEEPING Hartline!!! Some teams have Tight Ends faster than our number 2 receiver. Brian BLEEPING HARTLINE!!!!!

/blood vessel bursts