A Solid 60 Seconds of MLB 2K10 Gameplay

Some reasonably sharp gameplay renders in this one-minute teaser for MLB 2K10. The worm's-eye view tracking shots of the baserunning makes me reach for the Pepto, but the animations are sound.

This year MLB 2K10 is introducing a ton of new motion captures, including two-player animations that cut down on the kind of fruitball clipping and interactions you can see when a sports game puts separate animations together in the same event. Probably the most unrealistic thing I can spot in this video is Bobby Abreu making the snowcone rob of a home run. Not that the guy can't make a play, but that's 220 pounds of 36-year-old Venezuelan, is all I am saying.

Also props to whomever got A's base coach Mike Gallego into the vid. That name's a trip down memory lane.


MLB 2K10 is out March 2.

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