A Politician Who Actually Games

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Meet Jeanne Stevens, the Republican nominee for Connecticut's House of Representatives (101st District). She will not allow Grand Theft Auto IV in her home. That's OK, she's also a level 70 Orc hunter in World of Warcraft. As for GTA IV, "If you'd like to play it in your home, go for it."


GamePolitics brought Stevens to our attention, and MMO site Wandering Goblin followed up with a detailed interview that reasonably depicts Stevens as neither a fringe/novelty candidate nor, as a parent, permissive to the point of self-caricature when it comes to games.

She's a mom and a laywer. That's enough motive and opportunity for making an informed decision on her own kids' entertainment choices. And far be it from me to lecture Republicans on their values (but I will anyway) she adopts what is truly a conservative principle regarding video games in the home: "You get to be the legislator, you make the laws of your home. Don't abdicate that responsibility to the government."

As for her gaming habits, she says her father introduced her to WoW three years ago. She has three characters and recites their stats like she would her children's scout badges. Stevens can be found on the Alexstrasza server but eschews PvP as she's usually gaming with her kids and helping their characters.

Says candidate Stevens:

WoW is the sum total of my experience. We'll get Lich King when it comes out. The boys play Xbox live, Halo and Call of Duty series, though Guitar Hero is getting quite a bit of play now. As a parent, I will not allow GTA in my home – that is my choice. If you'd like to play it in your home, go for it.

If she wins in November, she'd join Sen. Ray Tenorio, level 70 Dwarf Priest of the Guam legislature, as known MMO-gaming lawmakers. However, Stevens' opponent, Deb Heinrich, is a two-term incumbent and vice chair of the General Assembly's appropriations committee (which is joint House and Senate). Not sure how things shake out in Connecticut, but typically that's a tough resume to beat. Stevens herself is an attorney and was a prosecutor for the Manhattan District Attorney. Thus ends my handicapping of the race.

The WoW-Playing Candidate [Wandering Goblin]



@Minister of Fun: So Republicans can be so easily shoehorned into a world where they ALL think and speak the same? 'Fraid not. I have been a Republican since I graduated HS in 1980. I think Reagan was one of our worst Presidents (behind our current one BTW), I believe that we all should be considered equal (gay or straight, religious or non-religious, no matter the race, no matter the gender, no matter the size or whatever), and that the Iraq war was clearly started under false pretenses (I wrote columns on my website well before the war started stating that belief).

There are conservative Democrats and liberal Republicans and moderates on both sides. There are also extremes on both sides of the political fence. Just because some pundits believe in a certain way does not make them right.