Operation Sports rolled out a six-minute video showing the second quarter of a Sixers-Knicks matchup. Gameplay galore, but the new news is the halftime show, confirmed last week, which you can get a whiff of at the 5:00 mark.

The voice is of San Francisco's KNBR-AM's Damon Bruce, who once awarded me tickets to a San Jose Sabercats game for a particularly insightful call into his evening radio program back in 2006. Being that it was the Sabes, I didn't stay on the line to give the producer my info. Anyway, where was I? Bruce glides through the action, calling out top scorers and the first half context.

This isn't the full halftime show as it's not from the NBA Today mode, which like its MLB Today cousin in MLB 2K10, matches up the real life participants of the day once the season gets going. We'll see more of NBA Today in the coming week.

NBA 2K11 Gameplay Video: Philadelphia 76ers vs. New York Knicks with Halftime Show [Operation Sports]