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A New Street Fighter IV Trailer Has A Little Bit of Everything

Face it, TGS is like a huge magnet when it comes to attracting great trailers. So when it came time for Street Fighter IV to take the stage it was no surprise that the trailer wasn't anything less than awesome. There's all sort of eye candy in this one from gameplay footage to the brush art sequences we've come to know and love. Or maybe you're into Street Fighter anime, no problem it's got that too. So don't feel bad if you want to stick around for repeated viewings.


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Actually it's a pretty crappy trailer. Just because the footage in the trailer is good doesn't mean the trailer itself is good. Everything in it is just cut and pasted from the last four trailers already released, flung together in 2-second flashes and overdramatized with music. Not like anybody seeing the game for the first time could get a good sense of things from a video like this. Also, all this anime storyline crap is pretty irrelevant to the game.