A New Slenderman Game Explores The Myth Behind The Monster

While a sequel to the Internet-famous Slender: The Eight Pages makes its way over to us, we have another Slenderman game on the way.

In The Slenderman Stories: The Orphanage, you will explore the history of Slenderman in a seemingly deserted orphanage. Using your in-game phone, you'll shine the torch app over pianos and stairwells to reveal dark memories and clues to the mystery.


From the game's description:

Clamber over the overgrown hedges one moonlit night, drop into the front entry yards - things have changed a little since the photograph was taken, but this is the place all right. Tentatively step inside through the broken front doors, flick on the torch app on your phone so you can see where you're going. Shine it around the aging brick walls - the orphanage has obviously been deserted for many years. You approach an old school photo hanging crooked on the wall, run the cold light of the phone over the faces of all those children since missing - it's almost the same image you know from online, but... as you take a closer look, something in the air is changing - a stirring.

Shadowshifters Entertainment's director Dene Waring was kind enough to reveal the extended trailer for The Slenderman Stories: The Orphanage to us early.

You'll recognize pieces of the gameplay from the first trailer below, but with the addition of Rose, who begs you to help her find her ribbon. My guess? She's gonna eat your face. Don't find her that ribbon.

The game is currently in alpha, and you can find it on Steam Greenlight if you want to show your support.

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SlinkyGuy and his Evil Legion of Rainbow Pointers!

So both this and Slender have got nothing to do with the original mythos then?