By now, most folks know about Slender: The Eight Pages. The crude yet terrifying indie game has become something of an internet sensation over the last couple of months, scaring the pants off of countless thousands around the world.


Mark Hadley, who designed the game, has announced that in a joint effort with Blue Isle Studios, he is making a follow-up called Slender: The Arrival. A teaser website for the game shares a couple of screenshots while promising that the next installment will be "even more terrifying" than the original, with "more levels, improved visuals, and an engaging storyline." It also calls this a commercial release, so it's probably safe to say that unlike The Eight Pages, The Arrival won't be free.

Can lightning strike twice? Would a better-looking version of Slender really be more scary? Is the Slenderman standing outside my window and watching me type this? We'll find out soon.

Here are the two teaser shots from the game:

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