A New Kind Of Busch Beer

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Alcohol references of any type usually mean an ESRB rating stricter than E. This isn't new to NASCAR games. But it's amusing to see Kurt Busch, driver of the Miller Lite No. 2. get his own brand of beer.


Eight new screenshots for NASCAR The Game 2011, due next year from Eutechnyx, show us some interior and exterior shots from what looks like Phoenix, Charlotte, Dover and other high-banked superspeedways. Racers include Jeff Gordon, Carl Edwards and Mark Martin.



Pretty sure there is a law in the US that prevents them from using a actual brand such as Miller Lite or Marlboro. Or maybe it is just a developer decesion, but I have never played a NASCAR game that had any of the beer brands on the car. They keep the paint jobs and chage it to the drivers name.