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A Museum That Looks Like Every First-Person Shooter Game Ever Made

This "cultural centre" in Istanbul is called Sintralİstanbul. It was first opened in 1914 as the city's sole electric power plant, before its current life as Turkey's Museum of Energy.

I share these photos by a pair of travellers here, and not on my personal travel blog, because just look at these pictures.

By honouring the industrial design and heavy electrical machinery of the 20th century the museum is unwittingly also serving as the world's most perfect collection of generic first-person shooter levels.

Control panels. Large machines. Stairs that go up a little to a platform then come down a little. Air ducts. More control panels.

Every time I look, I see a different game. Half-Life 2. Resistance. Metro. Singularity. DayZ. Call of Duty. Fallout. Sometimes, if I've had too much coffee, Team Fortress 2.


I've been to Istanbul before. Beautiful city, would love to go back. But next time, I might take a Nerf gun and some first-aid kits.

The Museum of Energy at Santralİstanbul [Istanbul For 91 Days, via Neatorama]


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