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A Metalhead Tribute to Saturday Mornings and Old-School Side-Scrollers

A thrash power-metal cover of/homage to the theme from 1989's Batman (and The Animated Series) would be badass. A thrash power-metal music video done in the style of a 1990s side-scroller would be awesome. Both put together are more badass awesome than the sum of their awesome badass parts.


Here is Powerglove's "Batman," one track from its new album "Saturday Morning Apocalypse," whose 11 tracks are all inspired by great TV cartoon themes. Tune in for the music, savor it for its head-banging, its bitchin' costumes, and hilarious engrish dialogue boxes. To arms! These crabs need some murdering.

[Update: 3:33 p.m. (which is half of 6:66 p.m.) Kotaku commenter Kutulu points out this is power metal, not thrash metal. The story has been revised]


[h/t Morris]

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They're so bad.