A Look Back at Eighteen Years of PlayStation (to Make You Feel Old)

Sony Europe released this tribute video today, a stylized look at 18 years of gaming with PlayStation consoles on that continent. Wait a minute, this dude has lived in the same room for 18 years?

Kidding; this isn't meant to be taken literally, it's just an amalgamation of all the things you might remember about the console—or life around it (nice product placement shot of that Domino's pizza box). PlayStation Access says it was inspired by the #playstationmemories hashtag, which got a lot of reaction when it trended back during the PS4's debut in February.


No idea if they'll do one for North America, but the general theme fits on this side of the Atlantic, too. And hey, it's also a reminder that PlayStation has reached the age of majority, and you are officially old.

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