A Look At the Official, Comprehensive, 385-Page Dark Souls Strategy Guide

Last week, I purchased my very first strategy guide. Don't judge me! It's one of the best: Future Press' Dark Souls: The Official Guide, a massive, hardcover book that delves into every single little detail of this wonderfully complex and esoteric role-playing game.

Forgive me for burning through the book in this video, but the guide is substantial enough that it takes a good ten minutes to leaf through it and touch on its contents. I highly recommend it for the Dark Souls players out there, particularly those who plan on playing it more than once.

Dark Souls: The Official Guide, by Future Press, will set you back about $24.99 USD (19.99 EUR/14.99 POUND) if you can find it.


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Not sure if this is still the case, but a head-up to those fellow gamers trying to pick one of these bad boys up: Amazon is currently out of stock on them, but when I placed my order I had it in my cart for ~50% off. I was only charged something like $13.99 when it is normally $25...

As I said, I'm not sure if this offer is still available, but it doesn't hurt to look!