A Look At One Man's Work On Uncharted 4

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Most big video games these days are the result of a team of dozens, if not hundreds of people working on them. Amidst all that collaboration, what can one, single human being point to and say “this, this is mine, I made this?”

In Allen Chou’s case, it’s this.

Chou worked on the game’s AI, mostly “single-player buddies and multiplayer sidekicks”, as well as handling some “gameplay logic.”


He’s detailed his work on his blog, and for anyone curious about AAA game development, it’s interesting reading.

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A lot of the buddy AI in Uncharted 4 was brought over from The Last Of Us, only Drake’s series had something Naughty Dog’s zombie game did not: climbing. So the “post” system that determined where buddies would move (see above) to had to be tweaked.

There was also the matter of how a buddy would share cover with you, how they’d lead you to certain points in a level (if required) and how on-screen characters would look and face if they were talking during gameplay.


Even if you’re not down on the technical side of the work, it’s still interesting reading the way one guy’s work ties into something that presents to the player as a seamless and complete piece of entertainment.

You can read Chou’s full post here.

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So is he responsible for whenever Sam runs past an enemy, and not only does the enemy not see him (a la The Last of Us), but he fails to HELP eliminate the enemies when sneaking around?

I’m hating that AI buddies only help when they choose to say something within the narrative, but I can’t seem to find a way to communicate with anyone to take one on the left while I get the one on the right. :| This game was setup to give you a lot more stealth options than the previous Uncharted games (which I love), but it feels like they don’t want to use it to the best of their abilities. In shootouts, they’re great. In fistfights, they’re amazing, but in stealth? Complete fail. (I’m only on chapter 8/9, so I may not have sampled enough to really judge this game completely.)