Day Three: Chrono Trigger Shirt Race [Today's Contest Is Over] Comment by: FireflyPunk Nominated by: ChalkdustTorture

@TheHeartless: Since Heartless doesn't want her... First one to email her get's her. She'll be giving it away 5 times a week, once a day, Monday through Friday. This isn't a contest, it's a race. lol j/k Heartless. Couldn't resist.

The Top 50 Cosplay Cleavage Shots [Updated] Comment by: subsonicbeatbox Nominated by: ChalkdustTorture

I don't think I've ever seen a Kotaku-linked site downed so fast. Number 1, divert all power to the fap drive.


Best Buy's Fallout 3 Midnight Launches Comment by: dirtybacon Nominated by: geekgrrl

Dear United States, Between New York and Washington D.C. is a city by the name of Philadelphia. No, wait, don't turn away, hear me out. Yes, we are a major murder capitol, and most of our residents use the term "yous"... BUT, we have a team in the World series. Yup, we sure do. AND we have some fantastic music promoters, where we get most small indie bands to stop by our city. Heck, we even had a Red Bull sanctioned event a few months ago in the form of the soap box derby. So, maybe, you know, if you felt like it, you could include us in some of the excitement? A gaming convention would be nice, and these little midnight openings? well, let's just say we ALWAYS return the favor, unlike that tease D.C. New York and L.A. aren't the only sluts at the party, if you know what I'm saying. Anyway, if you'd be so nice as to include us in the exclusives, we promise not to murder anyone in your family. Well, we'll try at least. Sincerely Yours, Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love.


This Is How Game Misinformation Spreads Comment by: TRT-X Nominated by: Slatz_Grobnik

You know what I find absolutely amazing about the comments here? The Resistence issue breaks, and a large portion of the gaming community rips the Church of England for being so easily offended and immediately makes jokes about kiddie games and pedophiles. The RE5 issue breaks, and a large portion of the gaming community rips the African-American populace for being so easily offended. The LBP issue breaks, and everybody rips on the Muslim community for being so easily offended and immediately makes jokes about removing the content to avoid bombings. This story breaks, and what do what does the gaming community do? Immediately get super offended, pick up the virtual pitchforks and torches, and begin to email bomb her with insults and threats. And people wonder why nobody takes games or gamers seriously as a culture. We at large act like everybody should be totally okay with however they're portrayed and should shut up and let us play. But the moment somebody dares to say something bad about us or our hobby, we turn into a bunch of babbling morons and demand retribution. Congrats fellow gamers, you never fail to disappoint.


Here's What A Wii With A HDD Looks Like Comment by: Trowble (XBL/PSN) Nominated by: BPMOmega

I can't wait to not get this!

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