A Jumbo Jet Crashes the City in Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising has always had a kind of joie de mort about it, but Capcom made it clear this summer that comes to an end with the Xbox One-only Dead Rising 3. Unless the pilot and everyone on board is a zombie, there's not much dark comedy to be found in a 757 disaster.


Capcom Vancouver, the game's maker, put out this trailer late yesterday, filling you in on the game's backstory: You have six days to get the hell out of Los Perdidos (what a great name for a city, by the way) because the gubmint gonna nuke that thang and everything living and undead along with it.

There are some signs of hope, though. Look! Even in the middle of a zombie apocalypse gas prices have spiked only to $3.97 a gallon. That's not bad, especially on the west coast. Dead Rising 3 is an Xbox One launch title, arriving Nov. 22.


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Greg the Mad

Generic Zombie game looks generic.

Sorry, I've just seen them all already. Can't we lay Zombies down to rest for a decade or so? They're Zombies, you can't kill them, but there are just too many games with that right now.

Dinosaurs? How does that sound? A genetic laboratory reincarnates Raptors, T-Rex and the whole shebang, and you have to fight for your live in a city. We haven't done Dinosaurs for a while.