A Hat In Time, That Wind Waker Meets Banjo Kazooie Game, Still Looks Amazing

A while ago we showed you an early build of upcoming indie game, A Hat In Time. The game looked delightful then, even though there wasn't too-too much to see, gameplay wise. All we knew were the influences—Wind Waker visuals with Banjo Kazooie gameplay. Now, a month later, the developer, Jonas Kærlev, has more to show us of Hat Kid (the protagonist)—and it (still) looks absolutely charming.


Levels in freaking hourglasses! It's clever and it gives everything a striking visual presentation. Really, what doesn't look great about this? From small details, like how Hat Kid jumps, to having the boss enemies peering into the hourglass are great.

I have no idea if this is actually how the real game will be structured, especially after looking at this other video that shows off a city, but who knows. Hopefully the dev tries to make the hourglass thing work and that isn't just a tease.

It also seems as if a public playable build of A Hat In Time might be in the near future. One can only hope.

Remember that you can/should vote for A Hat In Time on Steam Greenlight, here.

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