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Commuting can be so dull. Just sitting there on the train, which, throughout much of Asia, is always so damn quiet. Boring! But sometimes, exciting things happen. Sometimes, you get this.

This being—I'm not quite sure what this is. There's a businessman passed out on a seat. Next to him there is a blue Power Ranger passed out on the carriage's floor. Next to him? There's a man who has removed his pants. Good thing he's face down, huh?


As Kotaku reader Gusi pointed out, one of the images is a Photoshop composite of three other bizarre train pics. Check them out one by one in the above gallery.

Update: Added new photos and Photoshop info from Kotaku reader Gusi. Thanks, Gusi!

乗客ドン引きwww電車内でカオス状態の惨状wwwww [かぞたん]