A Gaming PC So Powerful It Will Make You Weep

PC Gamer have gone mad. Building a new rig for reviews and testing, they didn't settle on components that meet today's "recommended" specs. They went for components that meet "Thor's Mighty Mjölnir" standards, and the results are terrifying.


Using the very best gear throughout, the foundation of the rig are four GTX Titans. Four. Good lord.

And yes, I know, it's part-commercial. Mr. Digital Storm there doesn't seem as impressed as he should be that his company's logo is all over the clip.


But I don't care. This is PC hardware porn at its finest

The results? Check 'em out below. That's ArmA III running on 2560x1440. As a warm-up. They'll be kicking the tyres over the next few weeks, ramping games up to 4k and 5k resolutions.

In other words, it'll be like Dead End Thrills, only instead of sacrificing melted cards in the name of screenshots, they'll be playing games.

Introducing the Large Pixel Collider, a computer of uncomfortable power [PC Gamer]

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What were the frames? 1k+?

I can't watch the video, if it mentions it there.