Buttons, controllers, keyboards, motion controls? Been there, done that. Mind-controlled games, people—or more specifically, games controlled by brain activity—are something else.

Son of Nor is a game about controlling the elements and terraforming—we've called it an Avatar game of sorts before, we've likened the abilities you have to "force powers." Both of these things are all the more true now given that you can play Son of Nor using an EPOC Emotiv device. This device has sensors which can "tune into electrical signals produced by the brain to detect user thoughts, feelings and expressions." In this case specifically, you can tap into your in-game powers by using your brainwaves. How easy that is to actually master, however, is another thing entirely.


If you head over to Son of Nor's Kickstarter page, you'll notice that you can pre-order a copy of the game with an Emotive EPOC headgear for $300 bucks. Definitely not cheap, but possibly worth it. You can also vote for Son of Nor on Steam Greenlight here.