It's An Avatar Game, Only Without The License

Son of Nor is a game we took a look at last year, and while its mechanics - you can control the elements and move the ground itself - were promising, it was also, well, a bit ugly.

Nearly a year later and hey, the Austrian developers behind the game have bounced back with a new graphics engine that has things looking much nicer.


With both a singleplayer game and co-op modes, it's intended for PC, mac and Linux.

Son of Nor is currently up on Kickstarter looking for funding. Check it out below.

Son of Nor - The World is Your Weapon [Kickstarter]

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Looks like a re-skinned Force Unleashed game.

IMO, it's impossible to make a decent Airbender game since there's so many possibilities. For example, in the show Katara learns to water bend with water just from the atmosphere. She can make spikes, or anything else, and freeze water in mid-air, even trapping her opponents. It would be really difficult to capture all that in a video game.