A free demo went up on the 3DS’s eShop today for Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology. It was one of the DS’s better JRPGs when it originally came out back in 2010 and definitely worth checking out. The full game releases later this month on February 13.

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Just to note, apparently there is a whole list of paid DLC for this release, including 6 separate pieces of story/dungeon content, 2 sets of avatar replacements (one of which is the old avatars they took out of the original game), and two consumable items for XP and Gold. All of it is available within two weeks of the game launching, which means it’s probably already done and they’re just not including it with the full priced release. The only free item is a higher difficulty mode. All together, if you exclude the consumables, it’s over $20 to pick up.

Personally this diminishes my enthusiasm for the game considerably given that they’re already selling a remastered game that looks extremely close to the original. I feel like they saw what Capcom was doing with Ace Attorney’s DLC cases, which I was already uncomfortable with buying given how close to release they’ve come out, and went a step further by selling individual extra missions. I’m now seriously debating cancelling my order and waiting for a sale, if they expect another $15-20 on top of the base game’s cost to get all the story content.