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A First Look at the Gameplay in NCAA Basketball 10

Just in time for Midnight Madness - when NCAA men's basketball teams can begin practice - comes the first gameplay video featuring the two announcing teams in this year's NCAA Basketball 10.

Unfortunately, CBS's Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery are a bit thin and generic in their commentary - but in their first year, it's to be expected, as they don't benefit from the kind of dialogue library built up that Brad Nessler and Dick Vitale have. This is too bad because Gus in real life is constantly talking, making his bursts of excitement not as jarring as they are here. And from what I can hear, Raftery's adding personality and not much more.


As far as the play itself goes, player movement seems fluid and natural, although there is a conspicuous slide-repositioning of defenders during the free throws. The passing system seems to involve the off-the-ball player control introduced in this year's NBA Live 10 - or at least I hope it does. It was one of that game's stronger points.

Of course the graphics packages look great, picture-perfect with both ESPN and CBS's broadcast presentation. Plus, I like watching Al Skinner throw a temper tantrum as Michigan starts putting it to Boston College.


NCAA Basketball 10 First Gameplay Videos [Pasta Padre via GameSpot

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Char Aznable

Gameplay itself looks great, but man... it's a real shame about the voiceover. I hope they can do some better work next year. Anybody ever play NBA2K6? That game had some great voicework— it's just too bad there wasn't enough of it. #sports