A DS Case Fit For Dr. Henry Jones

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Indy's getting old. Not as sharp as he used to be. He's making stupid decisions, like being in movies with Shia LaBeouf. Maybe all he needs, though, is a little Brain Training.


It should keep the old grey matter from getting all foggy. But that, then, creates another problem: how to go adventuring through rainforests and ancient temples and Nazi-infested deserts cradling a small piece of consumer electronics?

He could do it with this, an oiled leather DS case. It's splash-proof, it's rugged, he can clip it on his belt next to his gun holster and it'll look like it belongs. Whether the smaller game cases will look so natural strapped to his leg is another matter.


Oil Leather DSi Case [Jaca-Jaca, via Tiny cartridge]

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Actually, the new Indiana Jones movie was not bad at all - they used a lot of the old elements that made it awesome. but they absolutely fucked up with that alient shit ending. and using a skull. I seriously hope they didn't go all scientology-y on it D: