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A Doom Mod About Anime Ninja Girls

Wish Doom had more anime ninja girls, katanas, and screaming power metal? Well then, you’re in luck.


The DemonSteele mod has been around for a bit, but it’s still updating and will soon add a second playable character. It has a melodramatic story about demons invading Earth and farming and more demons invading Earth, but basically it’s about a former South Korean soldier named Jung Hae-Lin. She kills stuff. She kills it real good. Observe:

The mod is inspired by metal and classic anime, which might seem like ingredients to shove in a blender with Doom, but fuck you it works. You can smack demons into the air and then shoot them while they’re fighting fruitlessly against gravity. It’s kinda like Devil May Cry, which is something I feel all games should be kinda like. Also Hae-Lin has a stylish transformation sequence attack with its own music.


The upcoming second character, Sun Shihong, has no katana. Seems pretty adept at punching people to death, though:

DemonSteele is a cool mod with a lot of character and a reminder of the Doom modding scene’s almost unholy immortality. The FPS classic’s been out for more than 20 years, but modders keep topping themselves to this day. Why, at this rate, I imagine I’ll be playing the original Doom when demons finally decide to actually invade Earth and butcher everything they can get their one-thousand tendriled mitts on! Not really looking forward to that part, but it’ll be a sweet ride until then.

Thanks for the heads-up, Dominic.


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So this is what would happen if Japan made Doom.

Also, anyone who likes this should look into Shadow Warrior. The original game is free and on Steam to boot. It’s not the same thing as this, but it’s a good game.