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Starting March 3, those hoping to play online games between 10pm and 8am in Vietnam will need to find a workaround. The country's Ministry of Information and Communication has asked internet service providers to block access to online games.


"Provincial departments of information and communication will inspect on-line games activities nationwide and deal with organizations that violate regulations by canceling their services," said the ministry's Deputy Minister Le Nam Thang (via Info.VN).

The measure seems to target Vietnam's youth who spend their nights in game parlors, but online game operators say that this measure will make gaming more difficult for adults who want to game as well as making maintenance harder.


The Vietnamese government will revise this decree sometime this year and make improvements. Not sure how one can improve an internet curfew, but good luck with that!

Late-night game parlours to be banned after 10pm [Info.VN] [Pic]

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