A Comic-Con Cosplay Too Soon?

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To: Ash
From: McWhertor
Re: Sloppy Joes, So Sloppy, So Joey


Bash, consider me officially jealous of your sloppy joe partaking. I haven't had a decent meal since... last Thursday, I guess, when I stuffed myself full of raw salmon, tuna, broiled eel and rice. Since then, it's been nothing but fruits and cereals and popcorn and candy. It's disgusting. I need something hearty.

Speaking of something completely unrelated, I wandered into these two having a little fun with the Comic-Con stabbing on Sunday. Who knew that nerd-on-nerd violence and the possibility of partially blinding someone would be the hit of the show?!


Anyway, here's what you missed while sloppying your joes.

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Well, let me put this as simply as I can.

How would you feel if you got stabbed in the eye and people walked around looking like this?

Yeah, I thought so.

On the other hand, if they were walking around with pens ready to stab and blue Harry Potter shirts, that might have been okay. They'd be making more fun of the stabber than the stabee. Still wouldn't like to be the guy without one eye looking at this in his hospital bed on his laptop today.

Stay classy, comic geeks. Stay classy.