As more and more seasoned gamers let their consoles fall by the wayside, the jingoism "my Wii is gathering dust" became common. These Wii controllers? They've literally gathered dust.

They're part of a neat feature on Wired examining the whens and whys people stopped using their Nintendo Wii, mostly from gamers who just never really found anything on the console to maintain their interest

"I was one of many who rushed out and stood in line for hours on launch day, and I haven't touched my console in months." said Wired reader Gregory Gay, accompanying a photo he sent into the website.

"It's in the corner of my house that time forgot," writes another Wired reader, Ben Jones. "The vinyl player upstairs gets more use."

Sure, some might call this borderline trolling for a console that's been the dominant force in this generation of home consoles, but the focus here is on those "core" (ungh, let's find a better word than that, eh?) gamers who have left the system behind, not the kids and families who still get plenty of use out of them.


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