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We may earn a commission from links on this page

A Children's Treasury of Madden Release-Week Glitches

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When it was first shown to writers in April, I knew what was in store for Madden's "Infinity Engine" of real-time physics. This is the YouTube age, where a game's every gaffe, glitch and goof is filmed and uploaded within moments of release, it seems. Realizing how hyper-nitpicked Madden is, I asked if the development team really was ready to expose itself to an infinite number of hilarious screwups in hopes of creating an infinite variety of player collisions and runs after contact.

The response from EA Sports' general manager for American football, Cam Weber, was straight-up yes. They mulled over what they had and made the choice back in January to go for it this year, instead of holding it another year. And however silly the glitches look, it's still better than an animation-based game that was getting stale in its execution.


So, alright, buddy, you asked for it. While Madden NFL 13 has shown some impressive, staggering, stumbling runs and wince-inducing (in a good way) hits, it's also got some rough spots that deliver instances like ... well, these. See the gallery above.

How to start a fight in Madden 13 - Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

by SLxMachinima

This is kind of mesmerizing, actually. The user says the score was tied with 9 seconds left when this happened. It appears the ball is both unrecoverable and levitating, and that's all it takes to turn the end of this game into a bunkhouse stampede.

Madden 13 Fail!

by DariusGuru

I think the biggest fail is the insane clown pants the Bears are wearing. Clay Matthews enters the Matrix to flatten Matt Forte. Obligatory NFL 2K5 mention at the end.


by IKodyI

This reminds me of the urban myth that Alfonso Ribeiro broke his neck doing the headspin in a Silver Spoons rehearsal. Now we know why Vince is no longer in the league.

Crazy Madden 13 Glitch

by FoamingSally

When I was eight years old we had a little league coach who had had polio and could not straighten his right leg. So instead of hitting us fly balls for outfield practice, he threw them to us underhanded. We had to run a quarter-mile lap if we dropped one. So Matthew Stafford hucking a ball 50 yards underhanded here is not that impressive to me.


Madden 13 | Luck Sacked by Own Teammate?

by Smann54

Ricardo Montalban: [murmurs code word]
Anthony Castonozo: I must sack ... Andrew Luck ...
I've seen terrible pass protection in Madden but nothing this blatant. Are we sure this isn't some form of rookie hazing?

Madden 13 Glitch Vick Flies

by bfaulk249

Here's your glitch: Hold the damn phone horizontally next time. Anyway, Michael Vick keeps the ball on the scrape option and then runs into some kind of otherdimensional forcefield for a seven-yard loss.

Madden 13 Close [sic] Line HD

by TotallyGamingHD2

Not sure who No. 27 is, this appears to be from Ultimate Team. But his pass-rush technique is straight from the Ministry of Silly Walks.

Madden 13 - Dog Pile

by 2KBallerHD

Notice how many times the youngster says "this guy." Sounds like we have a Jon Gruden-in-training here. Just remember, you gotta play until the whistle stops in Madden NFL 13 no matter what kind of crazy stuff just happened.