A Cardboard Marcus Fenix Must Pay for a Seat on the Bus

A student in Milton Keynes, England paid a full bus fare for Marcus Fenix. No, really. Carrying home a life-size cardboard display of the Gears of War protagonist, Liam Sheridan was told by the driver his monthly bus pass didn't cover his companion.

Sheridan, 17, was thus charged £1.80 for a full adult fare on top of his monthly pass, after the bus driver insisted that his cardboard Marcus "takes up a seat, so it's full price."


"It was truly bizarre, I couldn't quite believe it," Liam told the Milton Keynes Citizen. "I tried to protest but the driver wasn't going to let me on otherwise, so I had to pay him."

The Citizen followed up with the transit authority, which said it wasn't commenting until its investigation was finished.

(Image by the Milton Keynes Citizen)

Student charged full fare for cardboard passenger [Milton Keynes Citizen]

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