A Brief, Surprise Glimpse At Aliens Colonial Marines

Gearbox Software's Randy Pitchford doesn't want you to think that the house of Borderlands and Duke Nukem Forever forgot about their Aliens game. To reassure us the project is alive, his team flashed screenshots of it at Gearbox's PAX panel.

Aliens Colonial Marines is a Gearbox-developed Aliens shooter of some sort that's been whispered about for a a couple of years but been just about invisible to an eager gaming public.

Pitchford said that his studio is continuing to work with Aliens movie studio 20th Century Fox and Aliens games publisher Sega to bring the project along. But he wasn't able to say anything about how or when the game will come out. He did tease the audience with some Aliens Colonial Marines art, though. People, do you want this game?


(I snapped these images from an extreme angle, as I was seated close but far to the right. Apologies for some perspective distortion.)


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