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A Beer With a Clean, Crisp Taste That Says 'Anomaly: Warzone Earth'

Why would a tower defense "offense" game be the perfect inspiration for a beer? Because "warzone," spelled exactly that way, in Polish means "brewed." And the guys behind the Polish-developed Anomaly: Warzone series like to hoist a pint, too.


This is Tower Offense Stout—"the very first brand of beer in the world created by game developers for game developers." It was brewed by the wife of one of 11 Bit Studios' developers, herself a brewer (with the lab coat to back it up.)

This was a home-brewed batch, yielding about 40 bottles says 11 Bit (must have been some spillage during racking and bottling.) Sounds like it spent the better part of two months finishing. Na zdrowie!


[via Polygon]

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Where do I find a wife like that?! I need some beer brewing wife!