A 500GB PlayStation 4 Will Give You About 400GB of Storage

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A 500GB PlayStation 4 actually has a little more than 400GB of available storage, meaning you're going to fill that drive up even faster than you thought with the hefty mandatory installations of games like Killzone: Shadow Fall.


That's according to a series of Tweets from a lucky user named CJ who got his PlayStation 4 three days early and has spent most of the day Tweeting what he's seen. (We spotted the Tweets over at NeoGAF.) The installation for Killzone: Shadow Fall takes up 39 gigabytes on the PlayStation 4's hard drive; Call of Duty: Ghosts occupies 32.

Those are still smaller than the back-of-the-box installation requirement sizes—45GB declared for Killzone, 49GB for Call of Duty. Still, after three installations, three games occupy an average of 28GB each. At that rate a 500GB machine can install 14 games with a little space left over. It's more likely, as your collection grows, you'll be uninstalling old games you haven't played in a while even if you're still keeping the discs around.

Some small portion of a hard drive is usually inaccessible, though the 92GB set aside right off the bat probably is an indication of the PlayStation 4's firmware size. In a related matter, CJ has yet to download the 300 MB day one firmware update, which means his console is completely offline, though still usable.

This weekend saw reports of users getting their Xbox One preorders two weeks early, believed to be tied to a shipping screwup by the retailer Target. Two users said they were banned from Xbox Live though Microsoft said it will lift the restriction as the console gets closer to launch date. While Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Computer Entertainment's president of Worldwide Studios, said over Twitter that early PS4 receipients would not face the same kind of sanction, it appears not even to be an issue as no one can get onto PlayStation Network in the first place.


Meantime CJ is still going strong, posting details great and small about what he's seeing with the console offline.

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You know, I wish there was just the option to buy a PS4 sans hard drive, with it being very upfront that it's the buyer's job to find their own hard drive. Would that be asking to much from people to have this as an option?