7 Reasons Why There Will Be A Redesigned DS

When Nintendo's not making games, it's redesigning hardware. When it's not redesigning hardware, it's denying hardware revisions. Previously, Famitsu boss Hirokazu Hamamura said a new DS was coming to E3, a rumor which Nintendo and Hanamura later denied. Now game site GamesRadar contacted Nintendo about the rumor. Nintendo's reply?

No announcement has been made by Nintendo and everything reported online is pure speculation and rumour. Our hardware development team always work on the next product after we launch one hardware. It is usual that a new model will be brought to the market when we can not offer new ideas with the current model, but we think Nintendo DS is not at that stage yet, and we'd like to keep offering all sorts of suggestions to enrich the lives of people who own a Nintendo DS.


Hit the jump for GameRadar's seven reasons why we'll see a new DS sooner than later.

1. DS has reached saturation point in Japan.

2. DS is getting on a bit.

3. DS game development has gone very quiet at Nintendo.

4. Every Nintendo handheld has had three versions.

5. A spec increase wouldn't hurt.

6. Nintendo love to combat piracy.

7. Downloadable GBA games.

Let us add numero: 8.) Because it's Nintendo. But hey, if we don't see a new DS at E3, there's always TGS!

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