Meet Megumi. She got a Wii U, and she thinks the Wii U's operating system is "too slow". To show how slow it is, Megumi presses the settings icon and then runs a stop watch. It takes nearly 17 seconds.

And then, she presses back to the Wii U main menu and clocks that loading time, too. That seems to take over 20 seconds.

"You wonder why it's this slow," she says, adding that perhaps the onboard memory and the operating system were bottlenecked. But she wasn't sure.

Wii U owners, how is your GamePad loading? Faster than this? Slower than this? Does this seem about right? Surely, this is something that Nintendo can fix with an OS update...

For more on how Wii U's load times can vary, have a gander at Kotaku's previous coverage.


Wii UのOSは本当に遅いのか検証 [@MEGUMIbernadette via 2ch]

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