Every weekday we elevate a particularly entertaining mobile game or game by-product to Gaming App of the Day status. This week we have six. I blame the balls.

It was a very ballish week here at Kotaku. There were clay balls rolling down hills. We had eyeballs bouncing all over the place. We had ball-shaped hedgehogs killing candy creatures to feed their young.


We also had pixels two ways—exploded and photographic, as well as a hero with the power to fall with great gusto.

But mostly balls. Balls as far as the eye can see.

If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

Let's Face It, The Best Bits Are the 8-Bits

From around the age of seven, I saw the world in 8bit color. The Nintendo Entertainment System was more than a revelation for my young eyes. It was a revolution. More »

Square Enix's Latest Mobile Puzzler is a Delirious Whirlwind of Exploded Pixels

The creators of Motley Blocks painstakingly crafted a series of 80 simple images using colored cubes, creating a collection of nifty 3D pixel art covering a variety of subjects. Then they blew them all up, and you have to put them back together. So much work, this mobile gaming. More »

The Tide of Battle Quickly Turns Once You Realize Your Enemy is Delicious

For years the peaceful-yet-pecking Hoggyens battled the relentless Gobblen hordes that rained down from the sky. Then one day the embattled hedgehog creatures discovered their demonic nemeses' fatal flaw: they are delicious. This is why giant slingshots get built, people. More »

These Goofy Eyeballs Bounce into Near-Perfect Physics Perfection on the iPad

A nonsensical name. Annoying music. So-so art style. Gluddle has all of these. So why write about it? Because this iOS game also sports rock-solid, highly addictive gameplay. More »

The Timeless Charm of a Game Built Entirely From Clay

All video games contain the fingerprints of their developers, the oft subtle maker's mark that set the work apart in the eyes of devoted fans. Clay Jam's prints are anything but subtle, covering every inch of this whimsical hand-crafted game for iOS and Android. More »

Falling Hard-in More Ways than One-for a Quirky Sky Hero

The good news is you never hit the ground in Sky Hero. The bad news is that it's not the landing that kills you every time, it's the fall. More »