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From around the age of seven, I saw the world in 8bit color. The Nintendo Entertainment System was more than a revelation for my young eyes. It was a revolution.


Even now, I love the look of 8-bit, those stark and sometimes saturated blocky colors. I love it so much that I downloaded this 8-bit camera app to do things like take photos of my watch. On my desk. With different filters.

8bit: Camera is a barebones camera app, with a handful of said filters (four, actually). In that way, it reminds me of Instagram, which I love and need to spend more time on!


What I liked about this camera app were the small touches, such as the game blip when the shutter goes off. I do wish I could convert my old pics into 8-bit and hope the developer offers that in a future update! It's a newly released app, so fingers crossed that more features are forthcoming.

The resulting 8-bit-ized photos are on the small side (about 300 pixels across), so that is something you should be aware of.

I've seen a few 8-bit camera apps on the App Store—such as a Game Boy camera clone that came out last year. I do believe this is one of the only dedicated 8-bit camera apps that is in full color (it also has black and white, if that is your thing). If you cannot get out of an 8-bit haze or want to get back into one, 8bit: Camera might be worth checking out.

8bit:Camera - $.99 [iTunes]

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