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For years the peaceful-yet-pecking Hoggyens battled the relentless Gobblen hordes that rained down from the sky. Then one day the embattled hedgehog creatures discovered their demonic nemeses' fatal flaw: they are delicious. This is why giant slingshots get built, people.


Little Guy Games' Super Snack Time is a bubble-popping game on a sugar high. Your adorable little Hoggy, a card-carrying member of the Order of the Snack, launches into the sky again and again, mercilessly slaughtering the invading Gobblen forces no matter their shape, special power or delicious fruit flavor.

There's a little Bust-a-Move here certainly, but the Gobblens aren't simply bubbles. Some pop on contact. Others require more than one hit. Some are small and fast. Some fade in and out like ghosts. Some explode in fire. Some in ice. Some are impervious to your attacks, arrayed in front of their more delicate brethren as shields. It's up to Hoggy and his arsenal of inventive power-ups to break on through. No Gobblen gets out alive. Well, two Gobblens get out alive, any more than that and you'll fail the level.


Super Snack Time is exactly the right balance of color, character and challenge. My only complaint is the inclusion of an energy system. Having my play limited artificially via a timed meter is something I am used to from free games, but not those I have to pay for.

An odd choice, but I suppose that's the sort of thing one can expect from a developer that makes a game about a race of hedgehog people that kills its enemies and feeds their "juice" to its young. Mmmm.

Super Snack Time — $.99 [iTunes]

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