What a long, strange trip the past five days in gaming apps has been, beginning with a big-eyed passionate plea for healthy exercise and ending in a strange world of shadow sea creatures, with a little LEGO thrown in for good measure.

It never ceases to amaze me, the astounding variety of gaming available on the devices once dedicated solely to annoying one-sided public conversations. Without switching devices or swapping cartridges I can fight a sword battle, rise to the top of the food chain, set other people on fire, make a doe-eyed anime girl feel bad about her weight and learn how to build 2D pixelated objects using the world's most popular construction toys.

It's wonderfully diverse and bizarre, and it keeps getting better every week.

If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

These Anime Girls Will Whip You into Shape

I'm a big fan of exercising. I don't think I'm in a super great shape, but I like exercising-and I really think doing so is important if you have a sedentary job like mine. More »

Reconstruct the Life of George from Physical Bricks in This LEGO-Powered Gaming App

There are plenty of LEGO video games out there, but most of them focus on the appearance of the popular building toys rather than the most important element-construction. Rather than assembling the LEGO memories of a pretty awesome guy via button presses, Life of George has you build them out of physical bricks. More »

Conan, What is Best on iPad? God of Blades' Endless Slashing Comes Pretty Close.

I loved Conan comics as a kid. Every swordfight the Cimmerian had with another warrior ratcheted up an incredible amount of tension in my teenage heart. It's not that I ever thought about Conan losing. Rather, it was the idea that so much depended on the steel and sinews of Robert E. Howard's famous barbarian. Whole civilizations would crumble if Conan was found to be lacking in mettle. More »

The Original Grand Theft Auto iPhone Clone Returns with Payback 2

Back in 2009 James Daniels released Payback for the iPhone, a game that was essentially a knock-off of the original isometric Grand Theft Auto. Now Payback is back, switching focus from solo slaughter to multiplayer mayhem. More »

Last Fish Is a Satisfying Swim Through a World of Light and Shadows

What drew me to Last Fish was its art. It looked sort of like what would happen if Osmos were redesigned by the team behind Limbo. Its muted palette of light and shadow, black and grey, grabbed my attention. Mobile games tend so often to be bright and colorful that seeing one exist deliberately in the dark was a surprise. More »