These Anime Girls Will Whip You into Shape

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I'm a big fan of exercising. I don't think I'm in a super great shape, but I like exercising—and I really think doing so is important if you have a sedentary job like mine.

Perhaps you have a sedentary job, too. Perhaps you aren't motivated. And perhaps you are into anime girls. Well, there's an app for that.

It's called Burn Your Fat With Me!!, and it claims to be the first "moévation" fitness app ("moé" is the warm fuzzy feeling otaku get). Here, Burn Your Fat With Me!! motivates folks with a moé schoolgirl.


The game has players perform a series of fitness tests as the in-game dating sim style story unfolds. The final goal is doing something like 120 sit-ups in the span of a few minutes. There are two different modes—"soft" and "hard"—so you should be able to find a pace that suits you.

By doing the training mode, you get points (Moévation Points, actually) that you can use to unlock the story mode—much of which is voiced, which is pretty neat. And the voice acting isn't half bad, which is extra neat.

There are loads of different fitness apps out there. You might already be using one. You might not. But if you think Burn Your Fat With Me!! is right up your alley, it's worth checking out.

Burn Your Fat With Me!! [$.99 iTunes]

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What's with Japan's fascination with school girl outfits? I'm an avid anime watcher and whenever a girl in a school girl outfit is shoe-horned in it makes me cringe. Like Jormungand. Enjoyable enough then BOOM! School-girl outfit tee heee hee kawaii ^_^