You've probably been seeing quite a bit of Tokyo Game Show news pouring in from our Kotaku East team. Rather than letting you sift through them yourself, here's a round up of day two to easily browse through.

If you missed yesterday's showfloor news and impressions, we've rounded that one up, as well.

Um, I'm Not Sure How This Game Is Going To Make This Girl My Pet

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (さくら荘のペットな彼女) is a novel series in Japan that is getting its own game for the PS Vita. A brief demo was on display at the Tokyo Game Show 2012.
The story is about an apartment complex where a strange new tenant arrives. More »

Why Metal Gear Rising Features a Fancy New Raiden Outfit

If you've been paying attention to Raiden's bodysuits (I, apparently, have not), you might notice that Raiden has a different outfit in Metal Gear Rising. More »

Scenes from the Scenic Tokyo Game Show Floor

Today is the second press day. But tomorrow, this scenic Tokyo Game Show floor will turn into chaos, once fans pour into the Makuhari Messe convention center. More »

Light Gun? No, This Game Uses a Bow and Arrows

The Light Shooter is an experimental indie game from a Japanese developer named Kyosuke Yasumoto.
In The Light Shooter, you get a bow peripheral that works with a basic shooting mechanic, but also sports a flashlight mechanic. More »

The Unfinished Swan May Be The Next Journey

This year's Tokyo Game Show has showcased many titles, but none of them has an ounce of the creativity shown in The Unfinished Swan.
Plot-wise The Unfinished Swan is a modern fairy tale. More »

Metal Gear Rising's Controls Seem Painfully Counterintuitive

Going into Metal Gear Rising Revengance at the Tokyo Game Show 2012, I was sure I knew what I was in for. After all, I have played (and liked) plenty of Platinum's previous titles-i.e. More »

I've Seen the Future of Virtual Reality, and It Is Terrifying

Experience the big-screen in private. That's the sales pitch for head-mounted displays. One would think that the only real areas for technological advancement would be in the screen resolution and the actual weight of the device. More »

Milla Jovovich Isn't in Japan, But Her Clothes Are

With Hollywood flick Resident Evil: Retribution now in theaters, the cast doesn't need those fancy outfits anymore! Today at the Tokyo Game Show, the costumes from the movie were on display, headless statues and all. More »

Dragon's Dogma Gets Expansion Pack [Update]

Capcom today announced the first major expansion for its RPG Dragon's Dogma, called Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.
It'll be out next year on 360 and PS3. More »

EX Troopers Is More Style Than Substance

EX Troopers is an anime take on the world of Lost Planet. There's a 3DS version and a PS3 version. Today, I played both.
EX Troopers offers run-and-gun gaming against giant monsters (the Akrids from Lost Planet) and robots (again, the Vital Suits from Lost Planet) with the occasional bandits... More »

Men in Spandex. Fighting. At the Tokyo Game Show.

To promote its latest wrestling card venture, Japanese developer Bushiroad held, well, a live wrestling match at this year's Tokyo Game Show.
Earlier this year, Bushiroad announced that it had acquired the rights to make card games for New Japan Pro-Wrestling. More »

Hands On with the Brand New Circle Pad Pro for 3DS XL

Nintendo has once again made an add-on second Circle Pad for the 3DS. And, you know what, it's not half bad. Actually, it seems like the Circle Pad Pro for the XL could be pretty good. More »

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge Slices and Dices, and Still Cuts Through a Beer Can Like This

This is a couple minutes of gameplay for Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, the Wii U launch title that carves through dough-headed stooges like this and still can slice a tomato like this.
The game throws blood all over the screen as Ryu traipses, mostly unchallenged, through what appears to be an... More »

I Hate the Wii U Pro Controller

Okay, so Nintendo is releasing a new console (the Wii U) with a new controller (called the Wii U GamePad). I'm actually cool with the GamePad-even though it's quite wide. More »