Dragon's Dogma Gets Expansion Pack [Update]

Capcom today announced the first major expansion for its RPG Dragon's Dogma, called Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.

It'll be out next year on 360 and PS3. I'd tell you more, but at the moment there's not much more to tell other than what's in the trailer up top!

UPDATE - Still no info on the expansion, but Capcom says that two "substantial, free" updates are coming to the core game, in the form of a "speedrun" mode and a "hard" mode.

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Well hopefully this expansion will improve the world and quest design, because the main game made some serious mistakes in those areas.

What would get me excited are:

-More enemy variety (you fight too many of the same creatures)

-New classes, or new combat moves for existing classes. (combat was the only fun part of the game to me)

-Quests that go beyond kill or collect x, and have some actual story hooks.

-Fast travel that's affordable, and only to locations I've explored initially.

-Larger selection of towns and landmarks to give the world more life.

-Pawn AI improvements

-Better art direction